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Create natural light with Bees wax candles

Posted by on 13 June 2013 | 0 Comments

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It’s one thing to use candles at a wedding or event, it's another thing entirely to use completely natural beeswax candles with their unique golden light so that your guests don’t have to breathe in toxic fumes all night. This simple choice will not only create a special ambiance but you’re also supporting bees, beekeepers and the regional communities they live in as well as the environment and our fragile planet! One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Your wedding becomes eco wedding, luxurious wedding… different… special!

Thank you to Cate at Queen B for sharing this lovely post on lighting up your wedding naturally with beeswax candles.

These photographs are from a wedding held at The Wharf in Sydney. Flowers by Grandiflora.

A few tips for creating this look:

  • most good florists will have glassware that they can lend/hire to you for the evening rather than purchasing it.
  • if you’re having an event at home or not using a florist for your event, hire glasses (lowballs or highballs) as another cheap way of creating this look without breaking the bank.
  • otherwise, most Vinnies stores have a huge range of glassware for sale… I’ve lit an event before where I bought over 150 glasses for 50c each and then dropped them back the next day. That’s a win win! And the different sizes, shapes and heights of the glasses create a beautiful look… if that’s the look you’re going for!… it’s not the luxury eco wedding look, but it is a lovely look!
  • Putting candles into a glass not only provides wind and dripping wax protection but the glass reflects more light.
  • Creating a warm, romantic, intimate ambience in a huge warehouse space was a bit of a challenge.

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Queen B beeswax tealight candles were placed at each guest’s setting and dotted along the windowsill of the venue

eco candlelight for your eco wedding or eco event, sustainable beeswax tealight candle


Stunning flowers by Grandiflora… candlelight by Queen B’s long burning beeswax tealight candles


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Create a sea of beeswax candlelight with the clever use of fishbowls, hurricanes, plinths, tealight holders, votive glasses etc


eco wedding, sustainable wedding, eco event, sustainable event

You can achieve a sea of natural light on a budget by using large fishbowls, glass plinths, tealight holders and votive holders along with various sizes of candles to create the look. The flickering of the flames reflecting off the glass holders of different sizes and shapes creates the look of hundreds of candle flames.

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